The Irish Journal of South Asian Studies (IJSAS) is an online, peer reviewed, open-access journal with focus on contemporary and interdisciplinary research on South Asia. The journal is dedicated to publication of new and original research concerning different contours of the South Asian society, including, but not limited to, themes of politics, economics, gender, history, post-colonialism, secularism, nationalism, cultural studies, literature, linguistics and international relations. The Journal is aimed at publishing research on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and India from scholars across the globe.   

IJSAS is an endeavour that aims at critical thought on social sciences and the contemporary challenges and developments emerging in the region of South Asia. While the journal focuses on early career researchers, we welcome submissions from independent researchers and professionals who would like to contribute to growing literature on South Asia.


IJSAS is published annually.


IJSAS firmly believes in the philosophy of free and unhindered knowledge sharing that creates democratic and open spaces for knowledge building.  The journal has an open access policy and the authors published on the website are entitled to share their work openly and widely through other knowledge sharing platforms. Scholars and readers with interest in South Asia would be able to access the journal free of cost and can subscribe to our mailing list for notifications, announcements and future published volumes of the journal.


The Irish Journal of South Asian Studies is published by the Irish Association of South Asian Studies  and anchored at the Ireland India Institute, School of Law and Government, Dublin City University.  We encourage readers to support the journal by joining the Irish Association of South Asian Studies who supports the journal in its successful publications.